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School Sport Australia (SSA) presents annually the SSA Softball Championships.

Please read the Team Vic Information Sheet before registering. This document contains important information on the SSV Team Vic Program, in relation to eligibility, registration, multiclass, selection, participation costs and financial assistance.

School Sport Victoria enters one representative team in each of the following School Sport Australia Championships. On occasion, a second representative team may be entered. 

  • 12 Years and Under Girls
  • 12 Years and Under Boys
The trial information and selection guidelines can be found under the "Trial Information" section on the right of this page.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Official, visit our Positions Vacant page.



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12 Years and Under​ - Boys and Girls

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Team Vic Softball 12 Years and Under Teams Announced268{05cb3959-cadd-48ae-bc6b-2025bc761f45}Team Vic Softball 12 Years and Under Teams Announced29/08/2022 5:03:17 AM<div class="ExternalClass31518831370444CFAD81F4E6B3413440"><p>​See the <a href="/team-vic/Documents/TeamVicSoftball12YearsandUnderGirlsTeamAnnouncement2022.pdf">full girl's team list</a><br></p><p><span style="color:#333333;">​See the </span><a href="/team-vic/Documents/TeamVicSoftball12YearsandUnderBoysTeamAnnouncement2022.pdf">full boy's team list</a><br></p></div>
Team Vic Softball 17 Years and Under Boys Team Announced265{05cb3959-cadd-48ae-bc6b-2025bc761f45}Team Vic Softball 17 Years and Under Boys Team Announced27/07/2022 12:05:17 AM<div class="ExternalClassD88335838FBA4E52AC447A73E1C7F4B4"><p>​See <a href="/team-vic/Documents/TeamVicSoftball17yearsandUnderBoysTeamAnnounced2022.pdf">the full team list</a>.<br></p></div>
Team Vic Softball 17 Years and Under Girls Team Announced 2022256{05cb3959-cadd-48ae-bc6b-2025bc761f45}Team Vic Softball 17 Years and Under Girls Team Announced 202228/06/2022 3:22:41 AM<div class="ExternalClass200DBE83C0AD4F5FAE860FF30A6887CF"><p>​See the <a href="/team-vic/Documents/TeamVicSoftball17YearsandUnderGirlsTeamAnnouncement2022.pdf">full team list</a><br></p></div>