In their 30th year of presentation, the Victorian School Sports Awards recognise the outstanding sporting achievement of Victorian Government school students.

Nominations are being sought across all categories of the Victorian School Sport Awards to recognise incredible achievements by students, teachers and schools: Individual Sporting Blue Awards, Outstanding Sporting Achievement Award, Lindsay Gaze Award, Outstanding Teacher Contribution Award, Outstanding School and Community Partnership and Outstanding Community Contribution Award. The Selection Criteria will provide more detail.

SSV Victorian School Sports Awards Ceremony 

Wednesday 27 March 2024 - 12:00 PM

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2023 Victorian School Sports Award Winners

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Nominations will open soon

Award nominations close Friday, 6 December 2024.

** Awards will only be presented to those nominations that meet the award criteria. In the absence of any nominations, or where nominations do not meet the criteria, no award may be given for a particular category.

These awards are for government school students, teachers, volunteers and schools only.

Victorian School Sports Awards Details

Registrations close Friday, 6 December 2024.

Victorian School Spor​ts Awards Honour Roll

(The Victorian School Sports Awards Honour Roll ​View a list of all the winners since 1994​)

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For more information please visit the Department of Education and Training's Sports Awards website.