​​Advocacy for School Sport

You can find many resources to help you advocate for sport in your school.

ABC Radio Interview (February 2022)

SSV CEO Rayoni Nelson was interviewed on ABC Radio by Sammy J "What is this non-competitive sport?" - (Click here to listen to the short interview, 2m 33s)

Sport Participation and Academic Performance in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (January 2022)

Mental and Social Well Being (December 2021)

Sport, and in particular, organised sport, is an important part of many Australians' lives. It has benefits, not only for physical health and fitness, but also provides valuable social opportunities like being part of a team, meeting up with friends, and having fun. These social aspects can also play a big part in helping participants, whether they are playing or volunteering, to manage their mental and social wellbeing. Read full article.

​VicHealth Physical Activity Stratergy 2018 - 2023​​​

VicHealth’s strategy to increase the number of Victorians who are physically active​. Download full article....​​​

Sport In Education

The benefits of participation in school sport in terms of physical fitness, health benefits, cognitive development, personal wellbeing and social integration are extensively reported.

Key Messages:

1. School sport makes a valuable contribution to a child's overall accumulation of regular physical activity.
2. School sport, physical education curriculum, and school-day physical activity contribute to a child's development in several ways
3. School sport can be a positive influence on lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.​ Download full article...


Why parents are the secret weapon in sporting success

Having spent countless hours learning what drives sporting success there’s a very strong argument that...
"Parents are often a better predictor for how children might grow their potential than the children themselves. Behind most top performers you’ll find encouraging, stimulating and demanding parents." Download full article...


AusPlay shows children need to get more active

Fifty four per cent of children aged under 14 years are active at least once a week in organised sport or physical activity after school hours, the most comprehensive survey of Australians’ sporting activity and motivation has found. Read full article...


School Sport and Whole School Improvement Brochure

SSV has produced a brochure for schools to use when promoting the benefits of school sport. It includes how to advocate, the mandated hours for sport and PE and testimonials from Principals and Sports Coordinators.  Download DL brochure.


Are our primary school graduates physically literate?

School Sport Victoria Ambassador, Professor Dick Telford OAM, presented the findings of his LOOK (Lifestyle Of Our Kids) study at the 2013 ACHPER Conference. View or download his ground breaking research and data on the benefits of School Sport and Physical Education.


Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS) 

This program involves an Athletics Development Officer (ADO) and a representative from your local Little Athletics Centre visiting your school and conducting a modified athletics session. Go to LAPS website pageDownload LAPS Booklet


LOOK (Lifestyle Of Our Kids) study

The findings of research carried out by Professor Dick Telford AM in his LOOK study shows clear links between physical activity, exercise and classes taken by specialist physical education teachers and improved NAPLAN results. Professor Telford has also done extensive research into the added value of school sport. Read the report: Physical Education, Obesity, and Academic Achievement.


Lolly Folly Professor Dick Telford AM

There were two reasons I couldn’t believe my ears when listening to the Health Report on Radio National last night (May 30, 2016), when researchers from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute discussed their meta-analysis findings, recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that children who eat more candy are likely to be leaner. Read more ...


Professor Dick Telford AM interview on BC 774

Professor Dick Telford AM was interviewed by Jon Faine on ABC 774. This interview (7 min) took place on June 7, 2016. you can find other relevant videos on www.youtube.com/SchoolSportVictoriaTV 


School Sport Australia Conference

Friday 3 June 9:00am (32 min)
Professor Dick Telford AM addressed the delegates at the School Sport Austraia Conference, on "The irrefutable evidence behind the benefits of quality School Sport and PE". Watch now ...


Academic Performance The True Indicator

Specialist schools are becoming an increasingly attractive choice for parents. Find out why as you read this article published Tuesday 27 March 2012. Australian Teacher magazine at: Academic Performance the True Indicator.


Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Action Agenda

Just a few generations ago, physical activity was an integral part of daily life. In the name of progress, we've now chipped away at it so thoroughly that physical inactivity seems normal. The ecomonic costs are unacceptable; the human costs are unforgiveable.
The impact of this widespread physical inactivity epidemic affects everyone in every nation. To put solutions into practice at scale, changemakers must align on what needs to be done and how. That is the purpose of Designed To Move.
Visit www.designedtomove.org for more information and take action.