Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS) 2017

Your school has been invited to participate in the 2017 Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS).
This program involves an Athletics Development Officer (ADO) and a representative from your local Little Athletics Centre (if available) visiting your school and conducting a modified athletics session.


The Little Athletics Program for Schools:
- Provides a fun packed athletics session for students in Prep to Grade 6.
- Is based on ACHPER fundamental motor skill development.
- Includes activities from the successful “On Track – Athletics Skill Development” program.
- Is geared to the age and ability of your students.
- Enables schools to create a direct link with a local Little Athletics Centre.
- Is available as a resource CD, supplied FREE upon successfully completing the program
and a copy of the schools newsletter advertising Little Athletics being provided to the LAVic Office.

The Program is:
Open to Prep to Grade 6 classes
40 - 60 minutes per session
Held throughout the whole year
Consists of athletic activities and games that:
Teach children fundamental motor and athletics skills
Cater for all ability levels
Available to a maximum of 30 students (one class) per session with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 sessions per day.

This year we are offering sessions to be held on 2 consecutive weeks to allow more time for further skill development (eg. Week 1 - general run, jump, throw. Week 2 – specific event coaching).

The program is conducted by an Athletic Development Officer (ADO) (with the assistance of the Centre Representative if available) under the supervision of the school teacher. At all times the teacher must be present during the session otherwise it will cease until they return.

Generic Little Athletics flyers will be provided to all students that have attended the LAPS sessions.
These flyers state the contact information of your local Little Athletics Centre.

A LAPS CD resource kit will be supplied to the school Free upon receipt of a copy of the schools newsletter advertising the local Little Athletics Centre. This CD contains all of the session plans and activities that a school requires to implement a successful Athletics program for primary schools.
The school will be e-mailed a sample newsletter template with the LAPS confirmation booking form when your school LAPS visit is confirmed. The Centre representative will also be able to supply details for your newsletter.

Download LAPS booklet

If you would like more information, you can visit the Little Athletics Victoria Website, alternatively you can call LAVic (03) 8646 4510 or email the office,