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Virtual Cross Country

2021 SSV Virtual Cross Country

Built on the success of the 2020 Virtual Cross Country event, SSV is delighted to provide this great opportunity again in 2021. Victorian primary and secondary students can take part in any way they would like - they can run or walk.

Students can run or walk for a new personal best or for fun and fitness. The main aim is for students to get out and give it a go. 

Every meter run by a student will earn virtual points for their school. Students will be given the option to submit their performance, but if they wish they also now have the additional option to not have their performance made public. #SSVVXC

The following are some of the fun facts that came out of the student entries.

Getting started

Students should make sure they have parent/guardians permission before heading out for a run or walk or even better take them along and maybe also a friend.

There are three simple steps for students to participate in the SSV Virtual Cross Country:

  1. Find a suitable route
  2. Go for a run or walk
  3. Record the time and distance
Find a suitable park, recreation reserve, oval, athletics track, green space, trails, the footpaths of the street on the block that you live to make a circuit (be safe out there if crossing streets) or even a treadmill. 

Students will need to measure out the length of their own course. There are many Apps available on Smartphones, ipads or pcs such as Google Earth, Garmin, Fitbit, a GPS, Strava etc or go old school & use a trundle wheel or a tape measure.  Students could always get someone to measure the distance using a bike computer off a bicycle or a speedo off a car. It doesn't have to be exact or perfectly accurate. And of course, students need an accurate way of recording the time it takes to run or walk the distance. The main thing is that students have fun. (please see "The use of third-party" apps at the bottom of the page.)

Entries closed Friday 1 October 2021
You may like to take part in the Virtual Track and Field

Important Information

The Virtual Cross Country offers 1000m, 2000m, 3000m or 5000m. The Virtual Cross Country will run in parallel to the normal SSV interschool sport cross country pathway. The Virtual Cross Country performances cannot be used to gain entry to the SSV interschool sport pathway for any sport and no medals will be awarded. 

Virtual points will be allocated to the student's school which will be added to the school ranking ladder. Students from SSV Member Schools, from Prep to Year 12, are encouraged to enter as many individual repeated performances as they would like. 

The data collected is in accordance with the SSV Privacy Policy.

Schools are encouraged to promote this opportunity to all students in an effort to get them involved in recreational running.  It’s also a great way to get students moving and in training in the lead-up to the SSV interschool sport cross country season. 

One of the important aspects we learned from last year is that teachers play a huge part in students participating in virtual sport opportunities. Survey results showed that 51% of students get involved when a ‘Teacher encourages’ them to be involved. 

Teachers have the option to download a spreadsheet to allow student entries to be submitted in bulk. Download the bulk entry sheet.

Virtual Cross Country Standings.pngThings to remember

  • Warm-up before you participate to minimise the risk of injury
  • Be sure to have the correct footwear, clothing and equipment
  • Remember we are not looking for the best, we are looking for students to give it a go
  • Entrants provide their personal information to SSV for the purposes of SSV conducting the Virtual Cross Country and awarding school points. Entrant's information will be used in accordance with SSV's Privacy Policy
  • Check and adhere to the current Victorian Government information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area by visiting the Sport and Recreation Victoria website.
  • The use of third party apps: Please be advised, this is not a Department owned or managed licensed software for Schools. To the extent permitted by law, the State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training) and its employees, agents and consultants exclude all liability for any loss or damage (including indirect, special or consequential loss or damage) arising from the use of, or reliance on, the this software whether or not caused by any negligent act, omission or misuse. By accessing and using this software, you accept that any disputes about this software or its contents are to be determined by the courts having jurisdiction in Victoria in accordance with the laws in force in Victoria (except any principle of conflict of laws inconsistent with this requirement).  The State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training) makes no representation that the content of this software complies with the laws (including intellectual property laws, privacy and data protection) of Victoria.