Welcome to the SSV Virtual Track and Field

Entries for this virtual program are not currently open. Stay connected with SSV to be informed when this program is open for students to participate.

Victorian primary and secondary students are encouraged to take part in this great opportunity. There are several ways they can be involved. SSV is not looking for the best performance, we are looking for students to give it a try.

By taking part in this great event, students will not only score points for their school, but they will also be improving themselves every time they try. There is nothing better than self-improvement and personal bests.



There are several ways that students can be involved. They can take part in one or all of the events. SSV is offering a limited range of Track and Field events (disciplines). Why not give each one a go? Students have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


In submitting Virtual Track and Field performances the parent or guardian consents to their child’s results being published with the following identifiers: first name, school, gender and age category. There is an option to enter the performance results and have the performance count toward the Virtual Points for the school, but not have the results made public. 

Entrant’s information will be used in accordance with SSV’s Privacy Policy.


Team Vic Alumni Richard Colman is a very decorated T53 Paralympic athlete. Richard is a four-time Paralympian who has eight international medals to his name. This includes two gold and two silver Paralympic medals, which is a remarkable achievement. We value Richard as an Ambassador for SSV.

Any multi-class student's out there? SSV would love them to give any of these events a try. Then share it with SSV by submitting your performance.



Olympian Morgan Mitchell originally started as a sprinter and has now transitioned to 800m and 1500m distances. 

Students, why not give the sprints a go and see if you can improve your time.

To run like Morgan simply mark out a distance of your choice and have someone time you as you run, then submit your time and distance and share it with SSVThe distances are; 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m.




Linden came through the Team Vic Cross Country Pathway where she fell in love with running. Linden is a very decorated athlete, having competed in several international championships:

  • 2016 Olympics (Rio)
  • 2017 World Championships (London)
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast)
  • 2019 World Championships (Doha)
  • Set the Women's 1500 Australian Record (4:00.86) (set in Oregon) *
  • 2021 Olympics (Tokyo)
* The Women's 1500 Australian Record then fell to Jessica Hull in the 1500m Semi-Final in Tokyo. 

Here is your chance to run like Linden Hall. 

Students, simply mark out an 800m or 1500m route and run (or walk) the distance as fast as you can. Once you have completed your distance, share your performance with SSV.


Olympian, Team Vic Alumni, and SSV Ambassador Brooke Stratton are stand out on the long jump runway. Breaking state records throughout her amazing career, Brooke now holds the Australian Women's Long Jump record with a huge jump of 7.05m. Grab a tape measure and see how mind-blowingly far that is. We'd love students to give a standing long jump or standing triple jump a go. 

Standing Long jump: To jump like Brooke, students simply stand with their feet together and jump as far as they can, landing with their feet together. Measure from where they left the ground to where they landed, then submit their distance and share it with SSV.

Standing Triple Jump: Students can try the standing Triple Jump, they simply give themselves some room for a short run-up (around 3 meters) and then ensure that they complete a hop, then a step, and then jump. Measure from where they last left the ground to where they landed, then submit their distance and share it with SSV.



Although Ben Voogd is only 19 years old, he has already represented Australia wearing green and gold. Ben is a master at shot put, discus, and hammer throw.

For students to throw like Ben, they simply grab a tennis ball and place it in their neck, and then push it as far as they can. Measure from their toes to where the ball first hits the ground. Once they have given this a try, simply share their performance with SSV by submitting their attempts.



Bec's Olympic dream came alive when she was selected to compete in the 20KM Race Walk at Tokyo 2020. The only problem was that Bec had only ever competed in a maximum distance of 10KM. This meant that the postponed Olympics worked in Bec's favor. She hit the training hard to get her body ready for a long and gruelling event. Bec is a Team Vic Alumni athlete having come through the SSV Team Vic Pathway in the sport of Triathlon. 

Students who want to walk like a Bec simply mark out a distance of either 800m or 1500m, then walk it as quickly as they can, once it is done please submit their time to SSV.




There isn't too much this young woman can't do on the athletics track. Celeste is a heptathlete which means her competition includes seven events. Although Celeste is only 20 years old, she has already competed at the Commonwealth Games, Celeste now turns her attention to the 2022 Burmingham Commonwealth Games.

To do it like Celeste, give the following events ago, in this order, 100m sprint, standing long jump, tennis ball shotput and 800m run. Once students have done all these, they submit their results and share their performance with SSV. If they are interested in knowing the way the points are calculated for the combined events, the table has been added below. 



Bulk Upload Information

School Sport Coordinators, Physical Education and Classroom Teachers can use this SSVVTF Bulk Upload form to record their class or whole school's Track and Field performances. Once you have uploaded the information please click this link to email the bulk upload to School Sport Victoria

Some important things to remember;

  • Warm-up before you participate to minimise the risk of injury
  • Be sure to have the correct footwear, clothing and equipment
  • Make sure you are doing each of these activities outside
  • Make sure you have mum or dad's permission, they can help with timing or measuring
  • Remember we are not looking for the best, we are looking for students to give it a go
  • Entrants provide their personal information to SSV for the purposes of SSV conducting the Virtual Track and Field and awarding school points. Entrant's information will be used in accordance with SSV's Privacy Policy
  • Check and adhere to the current Department of Health and Human Services information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area. For further information please visit this webpage.