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2020 SSV Award Winners

​Kendra Parker - Principal
​Lysterfield Primary School

Sports School of the Year

​Wayne Schultz

Roxburgh Park Primary School

​Region Coordinator of the Year
​Daniel Thomas
​Lysterfield Primary School

Division Coordinator of the Year

​Carole Hooper
​McKinnon Secondary College
20 Year Service Award​
​Shaun Crotty
Glen Waverley Secondary College​20 Year Service Award​
​Nicola Tuohey
Wantirna South Primary School​10 Year Service Award​
Sean Kavanagh​St. Thomas the Apostle Primary School​10 Year Service Award
​Jo Reid
​St. Luke's Primary School10 Year Service Award
​Jabyn Hogarth
​Benton Junior College
10 Year Service Award
​Knox Division
​Knox Division​Recognition Award
Narelle Caversan​
​Terang College
Recognition Award

The School Sport Victoria (SSV) Sport Awards have been established to recognise the outstanding achievements of SSV coordinators, schools, teachers and volunteers delivering school sport.

SSV desires to identify valuable personnel who go above and beyond for Victorian students within inter-school and sometimes interstate school sport.

They are role models, leaders, exemplar professionals and above all they provide high-quality school sport opportunities for Victorian students at the core of their work.

Without these key contributors SSV would not be able to achieve its core purpose: to actively promote school sport for all Victorian students as a means of developing their students' health and wellbeing.

Despite the challenges to providing school sport opportunities this year, SSV is aware that some extraordinary work has been taking place in our schools both in the intra-school and virtual space.

Nominations are being sought for the following categories of the School Sport Victoria Awards, recognising this incredible work: the SSV Coordinator of the Year, SSV School of the Year, and SSV Service Awards, SSV Recognition, and SSV Life Member Awards.

SSV is calling for online nominations.

Award nominations close Friday, 22 October 2021.

The Team Vic Awards will not proceed in 2020 since no Team Vic teams have been able to take part as all School Sport Australia Championships were cancelled.

These awards aim to recognise school student and teacher achievements.

School Sport Victoria aims to achieve this by:

      • providing strategic leadership for Victorian School Sport
      • providing regular sporting competition that embraces an educational approach in developing students' appreciation and carriage of respected community values
      • advocating recognition for School Sport leadership at all levels
      • maximising participation opportunities for all school students in competition that is commensurate with their age and ability
      • promoting school and community partnerships through sport
      • governing SSV to promote the efficient and effective administration of School Sport.

The criteria for these awards are based on the above SSV core purpose. 

Nominations for all awards close Friday, 23 October, 2020.
Click on any image below to start the short nomination process.

SSV Coordinator of the Year

SSV Coordinators play an important role in facilitating SSV competitions at various levels of the sporting pathway. They work closely with other Coordinators from their Region to facilitate high-quality sporting events. The Coordinator nomination process gives provision to nominate either a Region, Division, District or Sport Coordinator. 

SSV School of the Year

The SSV school of the year is aimed at showcasing what schools are doing at a local level to engage students in school sport. Engaging activities at the intra-school level ultimately lead to great inter-school outcomes. Other initiatives that may positively influence student participation could include staff engagement programs, student coaching and leadership initiatives are examples of what may be included in an application. Schools are expected to self-nominate for this award, however, one school may also nominate another.
This award is open to all Full and Associate Member Schools. 

Team Vic Team, Official, or Volunteer of the Year (these awards will not be presented in 2020)

        • Performed at a high level in the relevant SSA competition
        • Embraced an educational approach in developing students appreciation and carriage of respected community values
        • Recognised School Sport Leadership at all levels
        • Maximised participation opportunities for all team members in competition
        • Promoted school and community partnerships in the development of the team to create efficient and effective administration of School Sport

SSV Service Awards, SSV Recognition Awards, and SSV Life Member Awards

School Sport Victoria (SSV) recognises members of the school sport family who should be duly rewarded for their work, service and commitment to school sport. This contribution is identified through the following awards. 

        • School Sport Victoria Service Award – 10 year award and 20 year award
        • School Sport Victoria Recognition Award
        • School Sport Victoria Life Membership

Nominations can be made by members of the School Sport Victoria family and / or school representatives.  

Nominations for 2020 are now open and will close Friday, 23 October 2020

Before nominating a colleague for an award, refer to the eligibility criteria for each award and to the list of previous recipients.  

Please note that a reference to School Sport Victoria implies a reference to one of its predecessor organisations, the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association (VPSSA) or the Victorian Secondary Schools' Sports Association (VSSSA)

10 year and 20 year Service Awards

The 10 and 20 year service awards will be awarded to registered teachers from schools that have completed the nominated length of service as:

        • A sports coordinator
        • A member of a School Sport Victoria state, region, division, or district committees, 
        • A coordinator of one of the above committees
        • A state team official

SSV Recognition Awards

This award may be awarded to a person , not necessarily associated with School Sport Victoria schools, but who has made a significant contribution to one or more areas of focus of School Sport Victoria. This award may be for a contribution of a general or sport specific nature and does not require an extended period of involvement, but may acknowledge a significant short term contribution to School Sport Victoria. 

Nomination to be made by a member of School Sport Victoria family or by school principal. Before nominating a colleague, please check the list of previous recipients to ensure your colleague has not previously received an award. 

SSV Life Membership Awards

Life Membership of School Sport Victoria is the highest award available. It recognises exceptional contribution by individuals to School Sport Victoria, who have rendered exceptional and dedicated service over and above that which would ordinarily be expected in carry out one's role. 

In considering the Award of Life Membership, an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation of School Sport Victoria taking into account the following:

        • General attitude and demeanour must be one that reflects a dedication to the values of School Sport Victoria
        • Valued leadership and good role modelling, reflecting credit on School Sport Victoria
        • Specific contribution to School Sport Victoria ie his/her roles and responsibilities
        • Contributions to School Sport Victoria  research, policy formulation, public awareness
        • Length of service or membership of School Sport Victoria

Please note; satisfying the above guidelines does not infer automatic granting of Life Membership. These guidelines are designed to assist the School Sport Victoria Committee when assessing nominations.

Upon receipt of nominations for all awards, the Chief Executive Officer will establish a five-member sub-committee to assess nominations and make recommendations to the SSV Board.  

Previous Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

All-Time List of Award Winners