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SSV Strategic Directions Document

SSV Strategic Directions Document

School Sport Victoria (SSV) is proud to release its new ten-year strategy, Strategic Directions 2020 to 2030, providing a clear direction to engage more Victorian students in school sport by creating more opportunities to participate and addressing future challenges. 

As part of the Department of Education and Training, SSV delivers an extensive school sport program to primary and secondary students across Victoria. In 2019, SSV provided around 650,000 participation opportunities in school sport.

Developed during 2020, in conjunction with the SSV Board, the strategy has been informed by a comprehensive review undertaken of SSV by Ernst and Young in 2019, which involved engagement with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including schools and families.

School sport is integral to supporting the achievement of the Education State targets, in particular happy, healthy and resilient kids and pride and confidence in our schools. School sport is also a priority within the Active Schools Framework, which supports schools in adopting a whole school approach to physical activity.

Participation in sport can provide many positive physical, mental and social benefits. More physically active students have been found to achieve better academic results and physical activity has been positively linked to concentration, memory and behaviour. 

SSV's future purpose is to develop young people through school sport.

To support schools to maximise opportunities for all students to play sport, SSV's role is to enable students to PLAY sport, champion the VALUE of school sport and CONNECT school and community sport.

The strategy aims to engage more students in school sport, enabling them to remain physically active and healthy. Along with a focus on sport pathways and celebrating achievements, new areas of action include:

  • introducing social/non-competitive formats alongside competitive sport

  • increasing awareness of inclusive opportunities for students, including those with a disability and girls' participation

  • enhancing the experience of students engaging in school sport

  • identifying opportunities to reduce costs of school sport and improving the longer-term sustainability through partnerships to provide affordable, high quality and consistent school sport

  • engaging with students in informing the design and delivery of school sport.

Playing sport can provide so many benefits to students, and school is often where children play a sport for the first time – and for some, it is their only opportunity to play sport.

To read more about the School Sport Victoria Strategic Directions 2020 to 2030, visit: