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Rebel Supporting Victorian Schools and Students

Rebel Supporting Victorian Schools and Students

We are thrilled to share the involvement and support from rebel, one of our major partners at School Sport Victoria (SSV). As a vital supporter of our events across the State, rebel's commitment plays an important role in supporting SSV run our events across the state. It has been fantastic to see rebel at a number of Region events, elevating and enhancing the event experience for Victorian students. They have provided a range of activations to get you ready for the event, along with support for post-event recovery to keep you performing at your peak and also an exclusive shopping experience with a pop up shop. Be sure to look out for rebel at the following events:

Thursday 13 June EMR Cross Country

Wednesday 19 June NMR Cross Country

Thursday 18 July State Cross Country

School Sport Victoria and rebel are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for Victorian students at their events. 

Please take a moment to complete this short survey to help us create the ultimate experience for your upcoming events!

In other exciting news, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the deserving schools that were awarded $500 and $1000 vouchers at both the Victorian School Sports Awards and the School Sport Victoria Awards. These vouchers have proved instrumental in aiding these schools to procure essential sports equipment, facilitating the ongoing delivery of their esteemed school sport programs. Here is what the schools have to say: 

Wyndham Central College 2023 Secondary School of the Year at the Victorian School Sports Awards & 2023 Victorian Sports School of the Year

"We were so excited to win 2 rebel vouchers that we put towards sporting equipment for the school." Rebecca Sandlant, Assistant Principal, Wyndham Central College.


Bellbridge Primary School 2023 Victorian Sports School of the Year 

"Our school was honoured to receive the voucher last year after being crowned the Victorian sports school of the year. It was a testament to all students who competed in the respective sports and also to their dedicated PE teachers Miss Morgan and Mr Harris." Eugene Stanciu, Physical Education Teacher, Bellbridge Primary School.


Trafalgar Primary School 2023 Primary School of the Year at the Victorian School Sports Awards

"This not only reinstated a vital component of our award-winning Sport and Physical Education program but also allowed us to continue developing our students' sporting talents." Rick White, Sport and Physical Education Teacher, Trafalgar Primary School.


Christ the Priest Primary School 2022 Victorian Sports School of the Year

"By purchasing our new basketball rings and basketballs, it has enabled junior year students at Christ the Priest to play basketball with equipment more suited to their age and skill level." Anthony Camenzuli, Physical Education Teacher, Christ the Priest Primary School.


At SSV, we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of rebel, whose dedication continues to enrich and enhance the sporting experiences of students across Victoria.