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Mack Horton OAM SSV Ambassador

Mack Horton OAM SSV Ambassador

School Sport Victoria is proud to welcome Mack Horton OAM to our exclusive group of ambassadors. Horton is a perfect fit for many reasons. Nick Mooney Interim CEO of School Sport Victoria, says "Mack is an inspirational athlete and a passionate advocate for school sport and students in schools across our nation." Horton cherishes his school sport memories. "Team Vic and School Sport Victoria has been a major part of my swimming journey. Going away with the Team Vic team was the start of my swimming pathway and gave me the understanding that I could take my sport further."​

Mack Horton is one of Australia's most successful elite athletes. The Olympic and Commonwealth Gold medalist started his illustrious swimming career while in school, making his first international debut as a 13 year old, breaking the first of many Australian records as a school boy. From this it was clear that Mack was destined for greatness, but he has always had a grounded perspective when it comes to his international success, stating that he felt a similar sense of achievement from winning his school championships as he did an Olympic Gold.  

Horton overcame a fear of water at age 11, and less than two years later he broke his first of many Swimming World Records. These aspects of his story will inspire the next generation of emerging athletes. "Meeting my swimming hero Grant Hackett at the 2006 Commonwealth Games provoked me into wanting to be just like him. Now I want to inspire other athletes to not only be their best, but to be the best." Most elite athletes begin their journey in school and Horton is no different. School Sport Victoria is proud to have played a part in Mack's sporting journey.

Mack Horton has initiated a Mentoring Session where selected School Sport Victoria Team Vic athletes will join him at the State Netball Hockey Centre for an opportunity to connect up close and personal. "I am looking forward to facilitating the Mentoring Session for School Sport Victoria and giving back to the program that has given so much to me.