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Mack Horton OAM Mentoring Session

Mack Horton OAM Mentoring Session
You may or may not be aware late last year we launched a new initiative. Mack Horton OAM has personally selected two Sports Excellence Scholarship recipients, Teah Wilson and Riley Spicer to mentor throughout 2019. 

This is a great initiative and SSV are excited to be working alongside Olympic and Commonwealth Gold medallist, SSV Ambassador and swimming legend Mack Horton OAM, who will be personally active in mentoring both Teah and Riley. This is a photo from their first get together, and what better place then the Australian Open. 
Teah Wilson has been selected in multiple Team Vic teams, for both Netball and Track & Field. 
Riley Spicer has been selected in the Team Vic Basketball team. SSV believe many great things will come from this mentoring relationship.
We are looking forward to where this journey will take Riley and Teah.