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2021 Annual Review

2021 Annual Review

2021 was a challenging year where we were all faced with the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the lockdowns and limitations, School Sport Victoria's programs, events and partnerships were significantly impacted during the year. Despite the many hurdles, SSV continued to deliver where possible and commit to providing as many school sport opportunities as possible. The release of the 2021 Annual Review covers all the fantastic work completed in 2021 and provides a concise overview on the continued work we do to fulfill our 10- year strategy. 

The incredible participation numbers are primarily attributed to the hard work of the 355 SSV Coordinators.

This document covers:

✔️ Interschool sport incl., more than 400k participation opportunities

✔️ Continued delivery of the Team Vic program which resulted in 30 team selections

✔️ 9,0833 non- competitive sporting opportunities in the activities of breakdancing, skateboarding and more!

✔️ A record of 2,354 member schools achieved

✔️ The Victorian institute of Sport Be Fit. Be Well program,

✔️ Established the new Student Leaders program 

✔️ Delivered a successful School Sport Victoria Coordinators Conference,

✔️ and much much more!

Make sure you read this review to see what was the year 2021 and what you can expect in 2022!

Download the 2021 Annual Review