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Frequently Asked Questions

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Students should wear sports clothing and footwear that is comfortable for an activity-based trial. They should also bring water and other personal items necessary for them to at their best.

Please note: No State Team Uniform is to be worn.​


Please refer to the “Dress and Spikes” section of the rules document that governs this event. 


​Sign up to the SSV E-Bulletin and social media to receive all Team Vic notice of opportunities, registrations, trials and events.


A. For Track and Field 13 - 19 Years students are catered for through the Athletics Victoria All Schools with Athletics Victoria entering a team at the Athletics Australia Nationals.

B. For Cross Country 13 to 19 Years Students Athletics Victoria selects a team from the Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championship Event. Interested students should register directly with Athletics Victoria when registrations open. (Approximately between February and April of each year).


​It is best if you commence the process to get classified as soon as you know you will compete at your school level for track and field.  The process takes some time, so go to the SSV website to obtain information and the links to the organisation who are responsible for providing the classifications


​Report to the marshal at the field event first so they know you are in attendance.  The field event marshall will allow you to leave the field event in order for you to compete in the track event at the scheduled time or when marshalling commences for this event.


​The top 3 runners from each timed final will remain in a holding area directly after they compete.  Once both timed finals have been conducted (max. 2) the times for all athletes are combined. The fastest 3 students will be presented with medals.  Students MUST run as fast as they can in their race, no second chances.


​The championship will be conducted through most weather conditions including moderate rain, in the event of heavy rain or lightening the event may be delayed or postponed.


​Primary Students must come first or second at their Region Track and Field Championship to progress through to the SSV State Championships.  Secondary students must place FIRST to progress in all events with the exception of 1500m walk, 1500 run and 3000m run in which 1st and 2nd placegetters will progress.


​Your school should complete an invitation request on your behalf and submit it to SSV for consideration, requests cannot always be considered due to limited lane availability.


​Go to the SSV website select the Region button and then select your Region, click on the little green trophy on the right-hand side of the page.


​This will vary depending on the venue, please ask for specifics on arrival or check the course map for the particulars you are seeking.






​If you child is unable to attend his/her trial they cannot go to another trial.

If your child in unable to attend and meets the Team Vic Invitation Policy criteria they may be granted an invitation to the next level of trials.​


​At Division, Region and Conference level your child will be told before they leave the venue if they will be progressed to the next level of trials.

At State Trials the successful students will be announced on the SSV website.​

The consent form is sent with the email you receive as confirmation directly after registering.  Check the email for the attachment.

​Check the program to determine what time your event/s start, report to the marshall at that event either 15minutes prior to the scheduled time or when the event is announced, if in doubt go and ask the marshall at the event well prior to the scheduled event time.


​You have qualified to progress to the SSV State Championships please find the information on the SSV website for the SSV State Primary Championships.


​Refer to the specific dress code details on the rules for the sport.  For individual sports, it is recommended that you wear your school sports uniform as you are representing your school.


​The SSV website is the most up to date point for all information


​The SSV website is the best point of call for all the most up to date information about state finals. All the state events are in the Event Calendar. Eg. Draws are updated with the school's names of the region representatives as the region winners are known. Any very last-minute changes to venues (very rare) or cancellations due to poor weather (very rare), schools are contacted directly by email as well as the website is updated.


​Go to the home page of the SSV website, find the ‘search schools' option.


​All the necessary details of the SSV event you are looking for can be found on under 'Event Calendar' of the specific sporting page on the SSV website. 


Information about trials for your area is available on the School Sport Victoria website here (not working error at this stage I see you have emailed Ian waiting on changes). A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after registrations close by the Division/Region Coordinator.


Talk to your school principal about nominating your child via the link on the SSV Team Vic website. Note that schools are limited to nominating a maximum of 3 students per team in 12 Years and Under Boys Australian Football, Boy and Girls Basketball, Boys Football (Soccer) and mixed Netball. Nomination closing dates vary, so please check the registration details carefully.


​Students School Principals can apply for an invitation on behalf of the student by meeting one of the criteria set out in the Team Vic Invitation Policy.


​Given you meet certain eligibility criteria your school may be able to complete an invitation request on your behalf to miss ‘one’ level of competition. Please see SSV invitation policy


​At Division, Region and Conference level your child will be told before they leave the venue if they will be progressed to the next level of trials.

At State Trials the successful students will be announced on the SSV website.​


On the registration page, your school name will be listed with the Region and Division information or go to the SSV page under the parents tab •Find out what District/Division/Region your child's school is in

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