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Keilor Division Secondary Home 


Welcome to the Keilor Division Secondary home page.

Keilor Division Secondary Coordinator

Name:Dale Marshall
Location:Victoria University Secondary College (Brimbank)
Mobile:0422 440 971
Facsimile:(03) 8312 0211
Address:Jamieson Street ST ALBANS VIC 3022

Keilor Division Secondary Coordinator

Name:Stephan Rotella

Keilor Downs Secondary College

Telephone:(03) 9365 8000
Mobile:0417 585 645
Facsimile:(03) 9367 6490
Address:100-110 Odessa Avenue KEILOR VIC 3036


Schools competing in the Keilor Secondary Division are:

Copperfield C

Gilson College

Harvester TC

Keilor Downs SC

St Albans SC

Sunshine C

Taylors Lakes SC

Victoria University SC



Created on: May 31, 2011

Last modified: August 21, 2015